Artwork: Kamini Avril

Grammy Listed
Best Spoken Word Album For Children

Featured: "Top 100 Products in K-12"
-District Administration Magazine,
 K-12 Education Leaders

Endorsed by: Dr. Jane Goodall

Well Wishes 2010 Update

Now being distributed to children in Baghdad via Peaceful Tomorrows, 121Contact and others.

This is a humanitarian project - not in affiliation with any political agenda or religious belief. The goal of this endeavor is simply to offer and express love.

All proceeds go to Eagle Vision Initiatives, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community via the arts.

This remarkable collection of words, songs and raps was made possible by the generosity of children and teens living throughout the US. Ruth and her team spent a good deal of 2006 traveling across America, going state to state, town to town, interviewing kids (ages 3-19) regarding their well wishes for the people of Iraq, as well as their thoughts about peace and life in general.

Produced, edited, and mixed by
award-winning composer / instrumentalist

Ruth Mendelson

To learn more, please visit us at:

(617) 304-5715